taxiID Demo instructions

1. Setup you account for demo usage
You have to create a couple of drivers and cars first in order to use our DriverApp solution. Each driver will be assigned a unique token that can be used to login to the DriverApp.

This can be done to administration / drivers. To be able to login, the driver will have to select the car for his service. You can add 5 licenseplates through the the menu, administration / cars.

2. Login to the DriverApps
After creating the drivers you can now login, the position of the phone will be send to yout taxiID Profile. By default the taxiID app will determine its position by a combination of mobile network and GPS tracking. The first method is used when the app is not connected to a charger, in some regions this network is not reliable enough to get a presise positioning. If you experience inprecise locations make sure you set the app to 'High precision'. You can do this in your phone through the option menu / 'location Determination'.

You can view the locations in the Online Tripmanager, top left of the taxiID Portal. In the rightmanager, you can open the Track and Trace page (top left).
When the drivers are online you can start dispatching rides to the Driver.

3. Create a ride in the Tripmanager
You can add rides in the tripmanager through the new ride button (right side). Fill in the details and go back to the overview.

Now you can dispatch the ride using the dispatch button (top right). The online drivers can now be seen in the dispatch overview.

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