Managing discounts

The taxiID platform offers the possibility to give a discount on fares based on the period selected by the customer. Discount actions can be added via the master data under, my products / product settings / master data / discount actions.

Here you can create a table which action you can later link to the different products. The discount is calculated on the fixed fare before the transaction costs are added.
Note: you must therefore select the action in your order form, passenger app or regular customer module.

Stacking discounts
If several discounts or surcharges are found, the system selects 1 discount by default. This works to avoid mistakes when setting these discounts. However, if you still want to allow the stacking of discounts and surcharges, you can now activate this via the menu, my products / product settings / Miscellaneous / discounts.

Type of discounts
You can create discounts based on a percentage or a fixed amount.

For example, to create summer promotions, holidays or weekend promotions, you can specify for which period the discount applies.

Return bookings
If you want to give a discount if a customer also books a return trip, you can limit the discount. The discount will then apply to the rides that fall in the correct period.

It is also possible to make an allowance with this function. You then give a negative discount on this, which will therefore increase the fare. A frequently used function for peak times, such as New Years Eve or during events in your region.


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