Getting started with taxiID!

taxiID getting started Quick Guide


Registration and login

  1. Create your taxiID profile by signing up for a (free) taxiID account here:
  2. Login to your taxiID Portal using your registered email and password through


taxiID ‘Portal’

  1. Once logged in to your private taxiID Portal you can manage all taxiID solutions but first let us focus on setting up your basic taxiID needs, you can find more info about our solutions at our website here:



  • Drivers


  1. Register your 1st driver in the ‘Account details / Drivers’ menu. Just click the ‘+Add driver’ button and fill in your details.
    1. Token
      1. For every driver you create, a unique token is generated. With this token you can login to the free iOS and Android taxiID Driver App and this token refers to the specific driver registered.


  • Vehicles


  1. Register your 1st vehicle in the  ‘Account details / Vehicles’ menu. Enter your licence plate and click the ‘+Add vehicle’ button. Once created you can add more vehicle details by clicking the entered license plate and entering and editing the ‘vehicle profile’.



  • Connections and Groups


  1. In the menu ‘Account details / Connections and groups’’ you manage connections with fellow taxi companies. By making connections, jobs and realtime driver availability information can be shared between companies.

taxiID Driver App

  1. The taxiID Driver App delivers dispatched jobs and direct bookings to your smartphone. The Driver App acts as a reliable on-board communication-tool that connects to the planning software used by your dispatchers. This enables multiple Track&Trace features and allows simple dispatching to your vehicles.


When using the Driver App from your car the app can show the locations of colleagues on the map. Making it very easy to share jobs within a closed group. To dispatch a booking, enter the pick up address and check the map to see which colleagues are nearby. Assign the booking to the driver of your choice or Dispatch Automatically to the nearest driver.

    1. Download the taxiID Driver App
      1. iOS:
      2. Android:
    2. Login with your personal driver token, see Quick Guide item 4


  • Driver App statuses


  1. Once logged into the Driver App with your personal token you are now available to receive Jobs from your ‘Online Trip Manager’ or from a ‘Online Trip Manager’ from another taxiID ‘Connection’ (taxiID company). Also your GPS position is shown on the map in the Driver App but also in the ‘Track&Trace’ feature in the ‘Online Trip Manager’.

The taxiID Driver App has 3 status settings, you can set them in the upper screen by clicking the button:

      1. Available: you are available for receiving jobs, your GPS position is shown in the T&T.
      2. Busy: you on your way or completing a job, you are on a break etc. your GPS position is shown in the T&T.


  • Offline: you are offline, you can’t receive jobs and you are not shown in the T&T.


taxiID Online Trip Manager (OTM)

taxiID OTM is the convenient, cloud based, trip planning and dispatching solution, accessible from any standard PC or tablet. Manage multiple bookings in one screen and dispatch at the touch of a button. Switch between dispatching options (automatic / manual) to match your company’s requirements at any time.


Open the taxiID OTM by clicking menu item ‘Online Tripmanager’. As you can see a new browser window opens the OTM. This is because of the fact the OTM can be used by several ‘operators’ while your taxiID Portal itself is for administrator use only.



  • Track & Trace


    1. The OTM offers a robust Track&Trace solution that provides important management information. The driver app allows you to track your vehicles on the map using the GPS of the device.  
      1. Actual Map: Click the tab in the upper left corner to view the T&T section of the OTM. The map shows online vehicles positions and status (occupied / free) at a glance.


  • History: Select a driver, date or specific area to view ride history. The reliable Track&Trace data allows you detailed in voicing to your clients and settlement summaries for your drivers. Generate reports on past trips, drivers, vehicles and more. All reports can be downloaded for your administration.
  • Bookings and dispatching


  1. Through the OTM you can manage and dispatch all your bookings by clicking the ‘Bookings’ tab in the upper left corner. All bookings generated by one of the taxiID bookings solutions (Website order forms, Corporate Dashboards, White label Passenger App, OTM) are digitally processed in the OTM (and administration and invoicing).


In the basic configuration all new bookings appear in the ‘Unallocated’ tab of the OTM, “Unallocated’ means that the trip has not been assigned yet.

    1. New Bookings / Jobs: Let’s create your first job bij clicking the ‘New booking’ button on the right next to the hourglass.
      1. New booking: Now you can create your booking/job. Just fill in the passenger information you find relevant. For this example leave the date and time as it is, select if the ride has a fixed fee or is calculated by a taxi meter and enter a ‘pick up’ address and, if needed, a ‘destination’. Hit the button ‘Save and Close’ when finished.
    2. Booking /Job information: Now that you have created a new booking you can find the bookings details under the ‘Unallocated’ section. When you click on the booking/job, all the specific details appear in the upper screen.
    3. Dispatching: Now that you have created a booking/job it’s time to start dispatching by clicking the ‘Dispatch’ button! taxIID offers several manual and automated dispatching solutions but for now we will dispatch manually.


(Make sure that you are logged in to your taxiID Driver App)

        1. Dispatch Screen: In this screen you can select the driver you want to dispatch to. If you are logged in to the taxiID Driver App you should be able to see your details in the ‘Taxi’s in a list’ tab. You can also see the distance the ‘driver’ is in regard of the pick up location of the booking/job. Let’s finish the dispatching by clicking the ‘Dispatch button’ next to the selected driver and then click the ‘Yes, dispatch’ button in the pop up. Now check your taxiID Driver App


  • Job offer taxiID driver App: As you can see the job is now dispatched to your selected driver. In this case you have probably received a ‘job offer’ in your taxiID Driver App. Here you have the option to accept or reject the job. When you accept, this information is shown in the OTM and the booking/job is assigned to the specific driver.


        1. Complete booking/job: Once you have accepted the job offer in your taxiID Driver App you can start the ride by clicking the ‘Customer in taxi’ button in the App. After clicking ‘Arrived at destination’  and finishing the ‘job details’ screen you have completed the job and are you available again for new jobs. In the OTM you can follow the status of the driver and the ride through the tabs ‘Assigned to driver’, ‘On route to client’, and ‘Client in Taxi’.


  • OTM Configuration: In the menu ‘My products / Product setting’ → ‘Online trip management’ you can fully configure your OTM (dispatch) settings. For example, here you can enter your email details for receiving new job and/or dispatch notifications and you can set your dispatch settings on ‘manual’ or fully ‘automated’ and you can even create several ‘automatic dispatch’ rules.


Administration and Invoicing

In the ‘Administration’ menu you can manage your entire ride administration and invoicing



  • All rides


  1. In the all rides menu you can get a clear overview of all rides and ride details 24/7. Here you can find a extensive summary of rides that are sent and received through the Online Trip Manager. Important management information such as pick up and drop off locations, time and duration are saved.


  • Invoicing


  1. Simply invoice your corporate clients or settle rides with your drivers using the taxiID Invoicing module. Select which rides you want to invoice within a certain period. Adjust invoices to match your wishes in a layout of choice. You decide whether to print the invoice and send it by mail or create a digital invoice and send by e-mail.

This is all folks!

You are now fully equipped to start using the taxiID solution. Still have any questions? Please check our taxiID Helpcenter or contact our support center!


taxiID Helpcenter:




Note that taxiID also offer various interesting online booking solutions for both private and/or corporate clients. Find more info here!


TaxiID can also provide a fully integrated, white label Passenger App solution!


Try downloading our demo:



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