Verhicle and driver filters

You can specify which vehicles are seen by your connections. By default, it is set so that vehicle and driver positions are shared to your connections.

You can also create filters to group drivers and vehicles that are used in taxiID, in different places. These can be found under Account details / filters.

Dynamic filters
We have two types of filters, static and dynamic. The drivers and vehicles in the dynamic filters based on a number of lines assigned to a filter. For example, you create a filter based on vehicle type, year of manufacturing or catalog value.

Static filter
You also have the option to create a static filters and select for yourself what drivers are in the filter. This is based on the license plate of the vehicle. in the search screen, enter the registration numbers and select it in the search.

Use filters in the tripmanager

When dispatching rides the created filters can be seen in the Track and trace and in the manual dispatch area.

Automatic dispatching rules
Through the Online Tripmanager settings you can configure your automatic dispathing rules to only include cars that are withing the set filter.

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