Recieving online payments through Multisafepay

The following information is only applicable for European taxi company's.

You can let your customers pay online for making an order. We use a number of payment methods offered by our payment provider Multisafepay.

To order taxiID including online payment possible offer within the platform and your current license, we opted for one fixed payment provider. This means that you therefore can not use an existing iDeal contract.

Because taxiID Multisafepay years and have a good cooperation, has taxiID its partners can make very interesting arrangements. So you pay no setup fees for joining Multisafepay, you get this after screening your account credited back to your account Multisafepay. You will also pay any additional license to taxiID or Multisafepay.

Multisafepay charges or transaction fees for payments made via the order. For more information, please visit the website of Incidentally, you can pass these costs on to your visitors, by setting transaction in your order settings.

You can apply for multisafepay through, then you get a digital quotation for the cost of installation on the side of taxiID. You will receive a registration URL for your own account Multisafepay. It is important that you do not register themselves, do not fall under the taxiID agreements and therefore pay startup costs to Multisafepay.

To ensure that your website and service meets the Dutch standards for internet shopping is your website, business and implementation to be approved by Multisafepay. The fact is that after paying visitors to your website get rights to deliver service. To ensure that this is true all legal Multisafepay will perform various checks.

You get information Multisafepay after registering on what information to provide to this process.

Important; You can start using your payment options, meaning if taxiID has finished setting up your account in your profile taxiID you can receive online payments. However, you can only transfer your receivables to your account if the screening is completed.

Institutions taxiID
If your account is linked to your profile taxiID you can pay to activate it online under the heading, Payment Options.

There are two options here, or your client choose 'online payment' within the next multisafepay screen the customer chooses the desired payment options.

Option 2 is that the customer specifies that the final order screen itself. The payment options are shown below Multisafepay your account, you can also specify the transaction by paying themselves.

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