Product settings

You can globally set up your account settings for all your debtors. This way you can provide all your debtors with the same service.

U can set this up by going to My Products / Product Settings / Corporate Clients. 

Booking Options

  • Minimum reservation time in minutes
  • Ultimate online cancellation time in minutes
  • Maximum number of passengers
  • Passenger name is mandatory
  • Passenger phone nr is mandatory
  • Arrival address mandatory
  • taxiID Business - Show available taxi's for your business clients
  • Only accept bookings where the requested pickup time is within the opening hours.
  • For minimum booking time take into account work schedule

Mailsetting confirmation mail to customers

  • Send text message to passenger if approved in settings
  • Send email to passenger when provided *
  • Send a text message to change pickup time
  • Only communicate the company telephone number towards the passenger
  • Show car info in the Taxibutler

* When activating the email setting, your client will get the option to insert an email address. This email address will receive booking confirmation emails when applicable. 



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