Book rides with an online payment link

taxiID Introduces the option to book a ride only when prepaid by your passenger. This is possible by booking a ride where the payment method is put on Betaallink.

We offer you the opportunity to enter journeys that must be paid before they are booked. The rides are paid for through your Multisafepay integration.

The passenger receives an email with his trip details and the possibility to pay for this via your Multisafepay integration.

Tripmanager tab "Not yet paid"
If you have created a ride, it has not yet been booked and is available on "To be allocated". You can choose 2 ways to deal with these rides.

1. You do not show these journeys in the journeys calendar and wait until the customer has paid for them. You can find the trips under Administration / all trips.

2. You activate a new Tab instead of "action required", this tab is called "not yet paid". The rides shown here have been created using the payment link method.

In this tab you also have the option of resending the payment link email via the right mouse button menu.
Activate this per operator, via the menu, my products / product settings / online trip agenda / scroll down -> operator management / edit / tick option "Show unpaid tab"

What do I need and need to set up for this?

  • You need a taxiID Business account for this
  • An integration with Multisafepay, do you not have it yet? Apply by sending an email to
  • Activate the email field in the trip agenda
  • my products / product settings / online trip agenda / Email address field in trip agenda
    Activate the tab "not yet paid" per operator
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