Operator logins

You can control access to your ridemanager by creating operator login details. This can be done via the menu product settings / online ridemanager / at the bottom, Operator login.

A operator login only gives access to the tripmanager of taxiID not the administrative part of taxiID. 

The system
When a operator logs in using the dispatcher login the system will log the Operator actions on a ride. When a operator creates a ride or when he dispatches a ride the system will register a claim by the operator. This claim is displayed in a trip log showing what operator did what actions to a ride.

We also make this information available in the Ride export in a separate colom. However that colom will only show the last operator handeling the ride.

Instructions for login links
As a operator you should always make sure you are currently working on your own account. This allowes for proper registration and also to make sure you have to correct access rides.

When logging in you can always review your current login account top ride of the tripmanager. 

It is very important that you logout at the end of your shift in order to switch to a new operator. Login is done through the taxiID website through a special link for your company. This link is found in the operator management section.

TIP: We advice to setup the login links to a bookmark in your browser. This will allow for any operator to login quickly.

Operator rights
If required you can setup multiple Access rights for your operator to have. Go through this carefully as these settings allow for hiding rides (see hide combinations).

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