Advertisement URL

In an expansion of the passengerapp it is possible to show an advertisement to your users this is done through a WebUrl pointing to any configurable location.

This page is opened once a day to the user to inform them of actions, information or other data. This can be an image, but can also be a mobile page that the customer can click through.

This page is shown before loading the app, so you are responsible for ensuring that the customer continues to understand that the ad can be skipped.

The settings
The relevant setting can be found via the menu, my products / product settings / passenger app / advertisement URL. The dimensions of the page can vary considerably so we recommend that your webpage supplier creates a responsive page or image for your user.

How to implement
Your webdeveloper should create a page and deploy this to a reachable URL. If you have a CMS available for your website you should be able to update the url through your CMS. This will allow for dynamic updating of your passengerApp.

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